Name: What Does Phelps Listen To?

Boss Media was called a couple of days before a big fundraising event and asked what could be done with a bunch of hodgepodge already-edited footage to play before Olympic champion, Michael Phelps, got up to speak in front of the well-heeled crowd.

Wow! Not the kind of thing a full-service production company likes to be asked to do (after all, Boss Media likes to shoot, produce and edit original content). But, we’re in the business of doing good work for our clients who need us, when they need us – even if 48 hours before their big event.

But how to avoid another humdrum celebrity-introduction video?

By doing hours of research on the music Michael Phelps himself listens to before a race. And listen to all 30+ of them. Then pick “Go Getta”, cut out the boring narration on the supplied footage and let the games begin!

(Oh yeah, the intro video to Mr. Phelps speech met with his approval).

Boss Media…we’re a go getta!